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M(en) I(n) P(laid), Chair Racing and Lack of Sleep

I looked like a glam rocker. I drank Cherry Coke and sketched as everyone around me became progressively intoxicated. The party was claustrophobic but amazing: doorknobs, progressive statements, a very large eye and some hungry, hungry hippos marked walls and spaces. Our own art gallery--the only charge, a couple dollars for pitch.

Then the cops showed up...four police[persons] for a more than run of the mill college party. But really, four cops, in Greeley, breaking up a party? Don't you have anything better to do?

Thad, Kelsey and I decided a walk was an excellent course of action for the time being. A walk turned into a pow wow at the amphitheater, the obtainment of tulips and breaking into Frasier Hall.

Frasier held a wealth of diversions: we raced chairs down the ramps, chronicled our adventures, Thad climbed a tree but we mostly talked, got to know each other a little bit better and had a fantastic time of it.

4 am rolled around, finally motivating us to leave the chairs we had become permanently affixed to, and after a brief stint at 7-11, for hot chocolate and the recitation of an over-sized Mother's Day card, we reluctantly ended the night on account of need for shut eye.

An hour and a half later, I again awoke to begrudgingly make coffee drinks for church people.
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